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Polaris Press

Recursive Iterations: FiO Anthology

Recursive Iterations: FiO Anthology

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In November of 2016 I published my very first Friendship is Optimal short story: Futile Resistance. Since then, I've written a total of 350 thousand words of fiction in the universe, exploring what it might be like to live through either the most benevolent, or most horrific end of the world, depending on your perspective.

Now I've collected all of my short stories together into a single collection. It contains every FiO Novella and short story I've ever written, including:

Futile Resistance, Broken Things, Life Support, Memento Mori, Recalculating, Optimal Game Master, Drowning in the Digital See, Ouroboros, and Memory of Forever. 

Black and White, Hardcover. Approximately 700 pages. Includes numerous illustrations created for the story.

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